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Speed Car Drift Racing


超快速的赛车游戏在2016年#1赛车游戏,超高速高品质的发动机。握住方向盘。骑在对专业赛车对手。极速赛车特点:- 感觉PRO驾驶的速度,- 开快车和收集电源UPS,以提高你的速度,- 免费赛车游戏,- 比赛的许多曲目,成为赛车手的传奇,- 17跑车调校的专业赛车,- 流畅的操控与精准的转向,- 驱动现代与经典车型,通过职业生涯模式的进步,- 高清3D赛车圈物理与惊人的声音,世界冠军车手名人堂从来没有免费的午餐。你要得到最好的跑车,追逐过程中抓住机会。现在,一个新的种族是怎么回事。进入你的车,跨offroads和污垢快速漂移准备。白天和夜间比赛,不要忘记使用您的硝基没有限制。获胜的唯一途径是参加比赛一样快,您可以。升级你的车,以获得更多的力量,速度和耐用性。抓住加速吧,加速和引导你的方向盘展现出完美的转变。击败所有对手,赢得比赛的竞争,并让自己加冕成为世界顶级赛车手。满足您的需求为最高速度,成为一个融合亲赛车和替身演员的。超级跑车赛车在高速公路和柏油路,拖动和漂移驾驶无后顾之忧死亡!想对你的朋友一个困难圈的比赛?高速汽车漂移赛会养活你的需要。收集硝基助推器,释放愤怒的速度离开你的对手远远落后。比赛甚至比GT赛车在WRC杯,你从来没有想象的要快。自著名的摩托车。逼真的驾驶模式将推动你振臂天堂,真正满足您thristy速度的赛车游戏。高速驾驶和赛车在柏油路上的轨道从来没有如此令人兴奋。---Super fast racing game in 2016#1 Racing game with super speed high-quality engine. Hold the steering wheel. Ride on against professional racing rivals.Extreme speed car racing features:- feel the speed of pro driving,- drive fast & collect power-ups to boost your speed,- free car racing gameplay,- race on many tracks, to become racing driver legend,- 17 sport cars tuned for professional racing,- smooth control with precise steering,- drive modern and classic cars, progress through career mode,- HD 3D racing lap physics with astonishing sound,
Fame of world champion racer never comes for free. You have to get the best sports car and grab opportunity during chasing. Now a new race is going on. Get into your car and prepare for a fast drift across offroads and dirt. Race during day and night and don't forget to use your nitro with no limit.
The only way to win is to race as fast you can. Upgrade your car to get more power, speed and durability. Grab the acceleration bar, accelerate and steer your wheel to show a perfect shift. Beat all rivals, win race competition, and get yourself crowned to be top racer in the world. Satisfy your need for top speed and become a fusion of a pro racer and a stuntman.
Super fast cars racing on the highway and asphalt, drag and drift driving with no worries for death! Wanna a difficult lap race against your friends? Speed car drift racing will feed your need. Collect nitro boosters, unleash furious speed to leave your rivals far behind. Race even faster than gt cars in wrc cup that you've never imagined.
Customize famous moto cars. Realistic driving model will drive you to rallying heaven and really fulfill your thristy for speed in racing games.
High speed driving and racing on asphalt tracks never get so exciting.